• Jullian Martinez
    Jullian Martinez

    Definition of life is the view the point of experience you will never have again but thing can go a different way we are a just a little special dot in a universe which is nothing bless or more that's it I am sorry of you loss may "god" Bless your dad By your forgotten fan This message as a deeper meaning than the "souls" We carry good bye 🙏

  • WindRose Official
    WindRose Official

    I know what you're going through Sean so just take all the time you need okay? Sending much love and prayers to you and your family❤

  • A D
    A D


  • Vladimir Valdivic
    Vladimir Valdivic

    To the 4.3k people who disliked this video, Why are you even here? If you aren't here to support a human being in a time of hardship, then why are you here just leave and don't be rude.

  • Arielle L
    Arielle L

    I never write comments but you are so strong for sharing your story. I’d cry whenever I’d share mine. Stay strong, your videos always make me smile❤️

  • ジmc.goodnight

    I've followed your content for years on end and you are my favorite youtube. Trust me when I say we are all here for you and that you can take a break. Love ❤️

  • King Donut
    King Donut

    Sorry man sure he is watching over u

  • ThiccBoi Studios
    ThiccBoi Studios

    What is wrong with these people in the comments

  • nothing

    People who dislike this video are being diabolical useless fools

  • Bond. James Bond.
    Bond. James Bond.

    Jack wish you the best and take the time to grief and also remember, love you man be well.

  • Tyler Barriga
    Tyler Barriga

    People actually disliked

  • Loran Ink Abyss Sans Kimery Sceloton
    Loran Ink Abyss Sans Kimery Sceloton

    Jack I'm Sorry 😔 That your dad is dead😭😒😥

  • Fairy Luv
    Fairy Luv

    Hi jack I know you won’t see or anyone won’t care I’ve watched you since I was 13 I’m 23 now , but I lost my grandma and someone who was like an uncle to me two weeks ago one after another myself seeing this video brought up so many feelings your not alone sending so much love and positive vibes your way anyone else through these trying times! 💖

  • Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble
    Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble

    85, wow, even older than my dad who will be 81 this year, 50 when i was born, i was always the kid with the older dad too

  • Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble
    Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble

    don't know how i'm going to be when my mum dies, will easily be the biggest loss for me when it happens cause we are so close, today is her 72nd birthday, healthy and happy as ever, but i know the time will come and i doubt i'll be ready for it no matter when it happens even if it's 20 years from now

  • Gabestew

    To say i'm a "fan" of your channel would be wrong to say, ive seen very little of your content. But you seem like a very kind and genuine person. I'm very sorry for your loss, and I wish you well.

  • Tobi

    I hate who ever disliked this video

  • kortni cat
    kortni cat

    I am so sorry for all the people that are joking about this nobody should have to see that I’m sorry for your loss

  • Nichole Heisler
    Nichole Heisler

    Sorry for your loss jack

  • Darkangelfox10

    to be honest you deserve that, loser, and it’s your fault lol😂 imagine that happening to me? I can’t relate🤪😂

    • ᴀʟᴀɴᴀ :ᴅ
      ᴀʟᴀɴᴀ :ᴅ

      @Darkangelfox10 PFFFT LMAO WHAT A JOKE

    • Darkangelfox10

      @Cursed Guy hitting myself on the wall until my red liquid drenches my guilty soul.....”pain. fury. Irritation.”

    • Cursed Guy
      Cursed Guy

      @Darkangelfox10 you're probably an edge lord at this point

    • Darkangelfox10

      @Cursed Guy don’t worry about that.....no one else does......

    • Cursed Guy
      Cursed Guy

      @Darkangelfox10 if you do have a bad life I care

  • lindsay bishop
    lindsay bishop

    I'm sorry for your loss sean,I know how you feel

  • Mad Mellow
    Mad Mellow

    He’s proud and so am i

  • Aimee Salazar
    Aimee Salazar

    Sheesh....Sean. I am SOOOOOOO unbelievably sorry. I may be ten years or more older than you...and loved by my sons...BUT you are an amazing human being. I am most definite that your daddy was proud of you. We Americans claim to have it all. WE DO NOT!! America is all about "things". I will pray for you, Sean. God sees you and all the good you do. Love, hugs and prayers...for you AND your family. The Salazar Family loves u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray Solaire
    Ray Solaire

    this reminded me of when I lost my friend. you mentioned that the grieving process is different for anyone and I immediately thought of the months of crying every night..

  • Trinity

    Im sorry for your loss jack. Take time to be with your family and just stay strong

  • Logan Roof
    Logan Roof


    • Rudransh The Pro
      Rudransh The Pro

      Nobody wants you here so go away

    • Rudransh The Pro
      Rudransh The Pro

      Shut up kid

  • Armin Arlert
    Armin Arlert

    Losses of life are always the hardest for anyone. especially if it was a parent. Jack is the most real famous person i've ever seen, and the fact he took time for his own life and not for his fame is amazing! Jack, i doubt you'll read this, but all of us who really care for you a love you will be here to give you love in this time of need!

  • Draik Y
    Draik Y

    Damn that’s tough lost my dad too soon had to watch him pass but rip to your dad man he prolly chillin in heaven telling god to watch over you

  • Neptember

    booboo keys

  • Nifty ツ
    Nifty ツ

    human beings like the people that disliked and made memes about this should be disappointed in their life choices, the fact they need to make someone else feel bad because their lives are shitty or they just want to be genuine trolls is fucking sick.

  • Nikaomi

    condolences to you family jack and to you Stay strong always ♥️

  • Hector Ontiveros
    Hector Ontiveros

    I’ve lost my dad just a year ago and he pretty much summed up how I felt

  • Tarbosaurus

    Jack's dad hitting the nae nae one last time as he dies: 🕺

    • Rudransh The Pro
      Rudransh The Pro

      Shut up kid :D

  • Grumpy Gg
    Grumpy Gg

    He didn’t deserve this. love you man ❤️ I know you will get back up

  • railyn elizabeth
    railyn elizabeth

    if you have made memes or joke about him losing his dad, literally and seriously fuck you

  • railyn elizabeth
    railyn elizabeth

    we all love you beyond the world seán. i'm sorry i'm you have to deal with not only the loss of someone you loved, but that people feel like they have to know everything about it or those that make jokes just make it so much harder. your dad is so proud of you and he loves you so much and i hope you're aware of that. sending you and your family tons of love as you go through such a hard time

  • Commanding Arena
    Commanding Arena

    Take all the time you need. I've gone through this so i know how it feels. I think i speak for everyone here when i say this. We love you and we'll be right here waiting for your return. Keeping you in our prayers.

  • Ermias Birhane
    Ermias Birhane

    Ayo the day u upload this is the day my mom Edit: Im still sorry for your loss i know how you feel

  • lill zen
    lill zen

    I know what you feel I lost my dad at every young age I hope you fell bettw3 jack rip

  • TheGiggaGames

    I'm sorry to hear that Jack but he was good man and he had a truly good son

  • jacob Gordon
    jacob Gordon

    Hey jack its ok we're all here for you man If you need to take a longer break its fine do what you want

  • YouTubeLover101 Mott
    YouTubeLover101 Mott

    I'm sorry jack. I'm going through the same thing, my uncle recently passed and its very hard.

  • † Lex Hexem †
    † Lex Hexem †

    Dude, its life. I lost my whole family when I was 23. No one cares, Man up

    • Lauren G
      Lauren G

      Ah a shitty person who thinks it's okay to tell a man to "man-up". This is the reason why many men have issues with expressing their feelings. Don't breed please.

    • JeliRainstorm

      @Logan Roof you have been doing this for days...get a fucking life.

    • Logan Roof
      Logan Roof


    • JeliRainstorm

      Reported for harassment. :)

  • WeirdoDoesNothing

    I'm sorry for you, but some people are being Assholes and making fun of your dads death and I hope you take action against them. One of these youtubers is shey shey gacha.

  • Dan

    I lost my nan in 2020 from Dementia, even though i was close to my nan, prior to her death it did make me think about my own mortality... yes some people were dicks to me when i was grieving but i forgave them, because what’s the point on hating someone, maybe deep inside they have insecurities in their own lives and are just too prideful to show it. they will learn what it feels like when someone close to them passes away and they will know how much of a dick they were to you... I’m deeply sorry for your loss Jack, and i will pray for your fathers soul... take a break, were all by your side.

  • Logan Roof
    Logan Roof


    • Talon Clibourne
      Talon Clibourne

      you've been doing this for days man, get a life

    • Talon Clibourne
      Talon Clibourne

      bruh you dont shut up

  • Shrek

    Live and love jack and know we are with you and we give you all our love and support and we don’t expect anything more from you that to continue living and loving as you always have

  • Impacted Lamb76
    Impacted Lamb76

    Most of the comments on twitter was just “JaCkS dAd WaS nOt ThE iMpOsTeR” like bro stfu you’re not funny I’m the slightest 😐

    • Rudransh The Pro
      Rudransh The Pro

      @Logan Roof Go get a life kid

    • Neptember

      Boo boo keys

    • Logan Roof
      Logan Roof


  • Brittany Bishop
    Brittany Bishop

    I'm so very sorry. Take all the time you can to grieve

  • Kavatious Hart
    Kavatious Hart

    My condolences 💔❤️💪🏼💯

  • maskedkid4201

    Do what i do when im sad drink.....alcahol

    • Cursed Guy
      Cursed Guy

      Not the best advice or comment but thanks for trying I guess

  • RedPhoneix Gaming
    RedPhoneix Gaming

    all the people who disliked this video i hope to god someone says ha when one of your parents die because that is exactly what you just did this this man you people are disgusting

  • the friendly gaming
    the friendly gaming

    I lost three of my family members my grandpa and my aunt my uncle. I miss them it’s a hard thing to deal with I feel for you take as long as you like off the internet is a scummy place my faith and hope for you is great right now thank you. God bless marks dad and you dad. Good luck.

  • DG_ GOD82
    DG_ GOD82

    whoever disliked this video is scum

  • BLP153

    Oh Sean I am so sorry for your loss I am sure he was very proud of you

  • PowerPCs

    we all love you buddy keep going were all here for you

  • Biz

    I’ve disliked this video for one reason , not because I hate it , or that I dislike it , but because all my liked videos are music , and all my disliked videos are just normal ISdowns videos , ily man , no , no homo

  • Jaspreet Kaur
    Jaspreet Kaur

    stay strong jack!! we're here to support you!!

  • Camron Rapp
    Camron Rapp

    Not gonna lie, I was shocked when he said his father was 85

  • PewDiePie Fan
    PewDiePie Fan

    Jack if you are reading this I need to tell you something I'm a huge fan and I'm sorry for your loss I've lost someone and I'm about to lose another one. I hope you get better.

  • a gamer
    a gamer

    I didn't even know this happened I hope you're doing good and your family is doing good

  • mking

    Thats sad

  • Philip Gibson
    Philip Gibson

    The loss you feel will never leave, it gets easier as the years go on (speaking personally) but recall those good memories. I also had an older dad, and yeah fish fingers and waffles must be in the old dad rule book. Love going your way from me and mine. Respect for the comments on those negative responses, fuck em.

  • Charlotte Walsh
    Charlotte Walsh

    My dad passed away last year 💕 the emotion will take your feet out from under you at the strangest times. I love you and I’m sending you all the hugs.

  • Db legends Dbz Dokkan battles
    Db legends Dbz Dokkan battles

    I am very sorry for you loss I love you vids you well and always be my favorite ISdowns thank you so much for every thing that you have done for us because you went out of ur time to entertain us in every video you make so thank you really

  • Logan Roof
    Logan Roof


  • Potatoes O’Grotten
    Potatoes O’Grotten

    Who is this “Cupoftea2”, and what did he say? All his comments are deleted, and I’ve basically never seen someone get such a universally terrible reaction.

    • RCL

      And Dumbass Roof is talking about himself again XD

    • Logan Roof
      Logan Roof


    • RCL

      A troll. He basically used games, like among us, and makes stupid jokes about it and Jack's dad.

  • ItzJimmy134

    I'm crying right now, Please do not send hate guys 😞😞

  • how dareu
    how dareu

    im so sorry for your loss and these memes being made,

  • Aga Volm
    Aga Volm

    I didn't even know!!You have my heartfelt understanding. My aunt and her family also dealt with the loss of her mother-in-law in January, but the funeral wasn't until the 13th, which was even harder on her and her older daughter - they both share a birthday, the day after the funeral... They didn't have a lot of people attending then, but they also had an online ceremony. I was working then, so my parents joined in as well. I hope all of you are doing better now, especially you, Jack! And you know he loved you very much!! :3 And hey, my dad was also the main dinner maker after school - because he was a teacher!

  • Ditch Compact 卐
    Ditch Compact 卐

    Fake and Funny

  • Jason Malone
    Jason Malone

    All the love in the world Sean!!! I can only imagine, I'm close with my dad even far apart. I feel for you and you inspired me to start a streaming venture. He helped make you the man you are, WE ALL THANK HIM FOR THAT

  • Jack Valentine
    Jack Valentine

    How did his dad die do u know

  • VOYD

    I have a personal problem with everyone who dislike this video

  • VOYD

    We love you Sean

  • TheRealVeam

    I'm so sorry jack, that's so f*cking sad and I send all my love to you and your family.

  • Jack Beedie
    Jack Beedie

    Your dad sounds like a good man, he’s looking down on you with love ❤️

  • XxGalaxy KobraxX
    XxGalaxy KobraxX

    I'm sorry jack, I hope you get through this. We all love you! ❤️

  • Henrik Arnold
    Henrik Arnold


    • Henrik Arnold
      Henrik Arnold

      dad lol

    • RCL

      @Cursed Guy You get ads in a video no matter what. It's like a youtube thing to make money, so it's there fault, not the person who posts the video.

    • Cursed Guy
      Cursed Guy

      It's not monetized do you see ads?

  • Gameingvirus404

    your dad will always be watching you, Jack don’t worry about the kids who say “YOUR DAD RACIST BLAH” it is not true.

  • Emileigh Pulliam
    Emileigh Pulliam

    I lost my parents at a young age, so I know how it is losing a parent. I felt that same sense of wanting to live a life to make them proud and continuing their legacy. Please just make sure that you live your life for you and not for him. I found myself stuck in that mindset for years and it really held me down. I am so sorry that you’re having to go through this. Over time it will become more manageable.

  • Mr. Jack ski
    Mr. Jack ski

    Jack you are one of the best people I know you will always have us your beloved fans thank you for the entertainment that you give us and in return we will let you grieve it will be hard but don’t let mess with your head your going to be ok we all care

  • John Viani
    John Viani

    its ok we love and support you

  • molyface

    those people who made memes and joked about it arnt ready for it to happen to them

  • GDeusVult

    I’m very sorry for your loss get better emotionally, mentally, and overall take your time

  • Logan ?
    Logan ?

    Jack I appreciate you, just sharing this in general must have been tough . I'll pray for you

  • PureSpirit

    I am so sorry for your loss, Jack. It can be very difficult at these times, but we'll get through this together. Take as much time as you think is needed. I'm sure your father was a great man. Those people that made memes and jokes about this situation don't deserve your time and energy. Keep on doing what you're doing. We'll always be here to support you! ❤

  • Man city Fan boy
    Man city Fan boy

    Can I ask who the fuck disliked this video

  • MrsTheumer99

    Hey Jack, I usually don't comment on videos, but you helped me with this one. My Dad passed away yesterday after 6 years full of illness and pain. I know he's in a better place now and without pain, but you are right. It's just a surreal feeling and I dont know how to handle it. Caused of Covid, I didnt see him since christmas and now I can't see or speak to him anymore... The funeral is in a few days and I'm really scared. But everytime I listen to your voice, I feel better about everything. I dont know why I'm writing this, you probably won't see it, but I want you to know, you take away the pain for a moment and I want to thank you. I wish you nothing but the best for your future and you're family.

    • Man city Fan boy
      Man city Fan boy

      @MrsTheumer99 yh I can’t really say I feel the same but my dog/ my best ever friend passed away a year ago

    • MrsTheumer99

      @Man city Fan boy thank you, it's really hard not to cry all the time.

    • Man city Fan boy
      Man city Fan boy

      I’m so so sorry for your loss prayers and thoughts sent your way

  • _pp_no_ Thanks_
    _pp_no_ Thanks_

    I’m sorry for ur dad deaths and I love ur channel so much and Ik ur such a kind person I just wanna support u through this, keep ur head up king and don’t forget what kept u going 🌍🟩👁👏🏻

  • LaffingMike

    Respect to you, my good man. Hearts out for you.

  • Daniel Fotheringham
    Daniel Fotheringham

    Sorry for your loss brotha

  • Kitten Kat
    Kitten Kat

    I am so sorry that people have made a mockery of your loss. That’s so shitty. Sending you love and condolences. 🙏🏽💛

  • Joakim Nordseth
    Joakim Nordseth

    how can over 4 thousand people dislike this

  • Doom5layer

    anyone who disliked this do you have a soul like plz tell me

  • lovefortheinsane

    Super late to this but it's not easy losing someone you care about, especially a parent. No sane person is going to blame you for taking as long as you need. Much love!

  • Bobby Jordan
    Bobby Jordan

    I know what you're going through jack... When my grandad died last year, I just felt like giving up all hope but I'm sure your dad would want you to go on... Keep it up jack...

  • Melita Maurati
    Melita Maurati

    Aw I’m so sorry to hear that. I know how it feels to loose someone close to you I hope your family is doing ok

  • Logan Roof
    Logan Roof


  • Joshua Evans
    Joshua Evans

    Jack I am very sorry for your loss ❤😊 i support you all the way